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Wet Macular Degeneration

What is Wet Macular Degeneration?

If macular degeneration becomes "wet", new blood vessels grow below the retina and begin to leak fluid and bleed under the retina. This causes objects to be distorted, dark spots to be seen, and central vision to be blurred. This is the most severe type of macular degeneration but thankfully has a safe and effective treatment. Ultimately, we treat the "wet" disease to make it "dry" again by stopping the leakage and bleeding.

Treatment for Wet Macular Degeneration

Avastin is the most commonly injected intraocular medication in the United States. It has proven to be very successful for preserving vision and even improving vision in patients with "wet" macular degeneration. It is often administered monthly until a response is seen and then treatment is tailored to the patients need.

Lucentis is similar to Avastin and is FDA approved for use in the eye. These injections are used interchangeably and have revolutionized therapy for "wet" macular degeneration and helped millions of people around the world. The Taylor Retina Center was one of the first retina centers in North Carolina to begin using Avastin. All of our physicians have years of specialty training in macular degeneration and have performed thousands of ocular injections.

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Our retina specialists are board certified in ophthalmology, have completed a retina disease fellowship and have performed thousands of retina procedures. Our doctors and their staff share a common mission to provide the most up-to-date medical care in an environment that is compassionate and patient-centered.

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Diseases that affect the retina can often lead to severe vision loss or blindness. Our physicians and staff will use state of the art technology to provide you with the highest level of care.

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Taylor Retina Center has eight convenient North Carolina and southern Virginia office locations to serve your medical needs and covers more of central & eastern North Carolina than any other retina specialty practice. For the address, interactive map, and driving directions to any of our offices, please choose a location below.