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Dry Macular Degeneration

What is Dry Macular Degeneration?

Dry macular degeneration is the most common type of macular degeneration. Early stages of the disease usually do not cause problems and vision usually remains good for many years. As the disease progresses to a more advanced form, most patients have a gradual visual decline over the years where reading and driving become more difficult. Any change in vision or distortion of the lines on an amsler grid may signify a change to the "wet" type.

Treatment for Dry Macular Degeneration

Unfortunately there is no cure or treatment for dry macular degeneration. An amsler grid should be monitored daily and any changes require an urgent eye exam. Vitamin combinations of zinc, antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin C, and beta-carotene have been shown to reduce the risk of developing advanced AMD. Eating a healthy diet including green leafy vegetables, omega-3 fatty acids, and fish may to be beneficial as well. Newer supplements such as lutein and xeozanthine are being studied in large clinical trials. Vitamin A (beta-carotine) supplementation should not be taken by anyone who smokes or has a history of lung cancer.

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Our retina specialists are board certified in ophthalmology, have completed a retina disease fellowship and have performed thousands of retina procedures. Our doctors and their staff share a common mission to provide the most up-to-date medical care in an environment that is compassionate and patient-centered.

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Diseases that affect the retina can often lead to severe vision loss or blindness. Our physicians and staff will use state of the art technology to provide you with the highest level of care.

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Taylor Retina Center has eight convenient North Carolina and southern Virginia office locations to serve your medical needs and covers more of central & eastern North Carolina than any other retina specialty practice. For the address, interactive map, and driving directions to any of our offices, please choose a location below.